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A Little About A Lot

I grew up in Mannford, a small town in Oklahoma. In High school (Shout out ’98) I had an Algebra teacher that always had a way to make you think. He asked the class one day “Would you rather know a lot about a little….or a little about a lot?”

Since 2005, C3 has shown me that in marketing you must know a little about a lot. Here are some examples:

  1. Installed a stop sign in a subdivision
  2. Bought a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse just to give it away a month later
  3. Handed out tree saplings at a neonatal clinic (Addy Award!)
  4. Organized a conference in Orlando
  5. Became 8a certified
  6. Made hundreds of 6″x4″ wood pallets for Pepsico
  7. Thrown in jail for charity
  8. Bought media in dozens of markets
  9. Worked with more incredible people than we ever dreamed
  10. Fell in love with coffee (Shout out Coffee.org out of Ft. Smith!)
  11. Created a superhero (Another Addy!)
  12. Designed the interior of apartments

Looking back, no day has ever been like another. We are humble to have learned so little in the past 6 years and we hope we learn a little more ;)

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