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Google Analytics & SEO

New policies take effect 3/1/2012!

Google is making major changes to Analytics which will change the way businesses manage their website.

  • Google Analytics Real-Time- Real-Time reporting shows you what’s happening on your site – right now!
  • Multi-Channel Funnels- See which channels your customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting (purchasing).
  • Mobile Reporting- Helps you understand how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. You can even see which mobile devices your visitors use and optimize for those devices.
  • Flow Visualization- a highly sophisticated tool for graphically showing how visitors navigate through your site.

Changes to Search Engine Optimization

Businesses will soon have acces to crawl data! Crawl data is the information on how the search engine scanned your website so to speak to bring it into the search results that your visitor clicked on. Analyzing your crawl data can help determine what keywords are working well!

SEO is very important and management systems have helped businesses track and modify their SEO on a daily basis. In the past SEO was a one time set up but businesses that want to stay at the top (literally on results pages) manage their SEO much more frequently!

Have you wondered how some businesses that show up at the top of google have their site title listed with their site’s web pages listed separately below the title? In the example to the left, search results for “Ford” sent the results. Notice how “ford-New Cars, Trucks….” is the title and “Vehicles, 2012 Mustang”, etc are the pages.

Ford has this listing not because they are special but because they created a site map for their website and submitted it to google. Any business can do this and it is possible to even customize the title instead of using the title of your website! Having an effective site map not only looks good, but give a great first impression and increases the click rate!

Google Plus Users

a new metrics has been added to watch google+ users interact with your website, this due for a release in a few months. In other words, if your  friend  is using google+, and visited your google+ page then visits your website, Google will be able to tell what page they landed on, what pages they clicked and where they exited the site.